Mission Statement;

“BC Tracking Association will set and maintain the Tracking Standards for use in the province of British Columbia, through an evaluation process.”

The British Columbia Tracking Association (BCTA) is a registered, non-profit society, dedicated to the establishment and the maintenance of proven and consistent tracker training standards in the province of British Columbia. Our self-imposed mandate is to not only oversee the high standards of training and to facilitate recognized tracker training opportunities throughout the province, but also to encourage the utilization of trained trackers in Search and Rescue operations. The BCTA’s scope of operations includes informing user groups as to the efficacy of tracking and how trained trackers can augment search operations. This informational process includes presentations, literature, and a professionally developed video.

Our primary goal is to have every certified Ground Search and Rescue volunteer in the province of British Columbia trained to the first level of tracking certification: Ground Search and Rescue Track Aware.

As of 1 April 2010, the Justice Institute of BC no longer coordinates contracted third-party Tracker specialist training for Ground Search and Rescue Volunteers. In order to make a transition, discussions were held by the SAR Stakeholder Training Committee (SSTC), which consists of representatives from BCSARA, JIBC, PEP and RCMP. Concurrently, the BCTA is also exploring innovative solutions to ensure that tracking training will continue to be available to all GSAR volunteers.

Click here for a brief history of tracking in British Columbia.

After receiving training
in human tracking ...

you will never look at
the ground the same
way again.

You will see things you
have never seen before!