Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Tracking?

Tracking is the art of finding, identifying and following sign, and by interpreting sign, being able to deduce accurate information about the person or animal being tracked.

Q: What is a Tracker?

A skilled tracker is a highly motivated team member who has learned, practiced and developed acute observation skills, which enable him or her to see the sign of a person’s passage which the untrained searcher or investigator will not see.

Q: What is sign?

Sign is the evidence of someone’s, or something’s, passage.

Q: What is a line of sign?

A series of physical indications left by the passage of anything: a wheel, a series of footprints, animal tracks and even scent.

Q: What is Sign Cutting?

The disciplined, controlled, coordinated and rapid following of a line of sign by two or more tracking teams.

Q: What Tracking Courses does the BCTA provide?

See the course descriptions HERE and the Course Calendar HERE.

Q: How can my SAR Group host a course?

See "How to Host a Course" HERE

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